ICWIB! Online Training Video Release Form

I (First and Last Name above) understand that the ICWIB live classroom sessions, which are part of the ICWIB Online Training program, will be recorded and archived on the I Create What I Believe! Online Training website for all present and future participants to view and benefit.

If I do not want to my voice and/or image to be recorded during a live classroom session I will take full responsibility for turning off either my video camera and/or microphone or both. If for any reason I do not turn off my video camera and/or microphone, Nancy Marie has my permission to include both my voice and image on the archived recording of the live classroom session. I also understand this film footage will be used solely for educating of teachers and other ICWIB online training participants.

I request no compensation and grant Nancy Marie the full rights and complete ownership to the footage that contains my voice and/or image, because I understand this footage will be used to benefit other teachers and individuals now and in the future.

By typing my full name and checking the box below, I declare I have read this release form, understand it and completely agree to the terms.